Digital Music Workshop (DMW), offers a wide variety of printed music services, including custom music arrangements for recording or live performance, publication-ready sheet music, audio to sheet music conversion (example: Turn Your Song's mp3 Into Sheet Music!), lead sheets, transcription of difficult-to-learn parts for musicians, chord charts, Nashville number charts, sheet music suitable for framing (awards or gifts), and any other printed music application.



Turn your song's MP3 into sheet music.

Do you have a recording of a song that you want converted into sheet music? We can convert your mp3 or other recording into any form of sheet music, from basic lead sheets to Ready-for-Publication sheet music.





Transcription (sometimes known as a “Takedown”), is described here as analyzing a music recording or live performance and then writing or printing it on paper in a standard form that can be read and properly interpreted by other musicians.

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Custom Music Arrangements

Music arranging is the art and craft of writing specific notes and/or chord symbols for the instruments and vocals used in a recording or live performance.

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Chord Charts (Letter)

Conventional (letter) chord charts use letter names (A,B,C,D, etc.) to indicate the root name of a chord, and are usually used in traditional music notation, although letters can be used instead of numbers (as in a Nashville Number chart).

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Chord Charts (Nashville Number)

Nashville Number charts are basic chord charts (usually written in 4 or 8 bar phrases per line) that use the numbers of the key’s major scale (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) to represent a chord’s root’s name, instead of letters (A,B,C,D, etc.).

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Owned and operated by Mitch Walker since 1995, DMW provides the best in clear, accurate music transcription and creative, tasteful music arranging by Mitch and other Nashville-area arrangers.